Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

What’s the best gift to get for a personalised baby? No, hang on, that’s not right. What’s the best personalised gift to get for a baby? That’s better!

Nowadays you can buy most things with added personalisation. When buying for a baby remember that the baby is unlikely to care! The personalisation is for the benefit of the parents or possibly the child when it gets older; some people like to hang on to old baby gear for nostalgic reasons.

So the best baby gifts will be ones that last and have an emotional attraction. There’s nothing wrong with purely practical or short term gifts like dummies (pacifiers) or drinking bottles, and these can be personalized as well as anything else, but the lack the ‘Ahh’ factor. Here are a few ideas for longer lasting personalized baby gifts.

  • The baby blanket is a classic and many parents hang on to one of these for a long time. Variations on this theme include towels, bath robes and fleeces.

  • Another item of clothing that works well as a baby gift is footwear – there’s a definite cuteness factor to a tiny pair of shoes or booties. Babies grow quickly so will likely outgrow any clothing very quickly. In the case of personalised clothing that’s actually an advantage as it means it can be moved to the ‘memory box’ before it’s ruined!

  • Dolls, bears, plush dragons etc are an interesting idea, the problem is what name do you put on them? It seems a bit strange to put the child’s name! If the personalisation allows for enough characters you could try something like “Molly’s Best Friend” or “Rory’s First Bear”.

  • In this day of digital everything a photograph book might seem outdated. However many of us still like to flip through physical printed photos. You can buy many different personalised photo albums with baby themes.

  • Another idea that seems old fashioned but is still popular is cutlery, the traditional spoon being the best known example. This is sometimes used as a Christening gift but there’s no reason it should be restricted to that ceremony. And they don’t have to be made of silver!

  • I mentioned the ‘memory box’ earlier. Many people keep one of these – so why not give one as a gift? A keepsake box can make a great little gift and personalisation – maybe with the baby’s name and date of birth – turns an ordinary box into something special.

Whatever you choose, your first priority should be to ensure that it’s safe for the baby, so always buy quality from a reputable dealer.