Gothic Bedroom Ideas

“Gothic” doesn’t have to mean dull and miserable – it can also be exciting and sensuous with the suggestion of forbidden fruit. No wonder so many people like the idea of a gothic bedroom design. Here are a few ideas for how to turn your bedroom into a gothic lair:


The word “gothic” makes most people think “black”. Black certainly has its place in any gothic colour scheme, but don’t overdo it. Too much black can be impractical. As well as making the room very hot during the summer it also makes it more difficult to find things and to prepare yourself. If you do want a lot of black then make your you balance it with pools of light in strategic places – for example by the dresser or mirror.

An alternative to black is grey, which can give the impression of stone, castle walls and dungeons. Grey on its own is pretty dull, so if you go down this route you’ll need accessories to complete the image.

The other main colour for a gothic bedroom is red – blood red, of course. Again, don’t overdo this. A few splashes in strategic places will make a big impact.

And don’t forget white. Yes, it does have a place in a gothic colour scheme – think skulls and bleached bones!

The Bed

The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom. It’s possible to buy intricate wrought iron structures or even themed coffin beds! If that’s a little over the top for either you tastes or your bank account then there are less drastic ways to “goth up” your bed.

Bedding is the first place to start, and here black can be a good choice. Combining black sheets with blood red pillows or vice versa is a classic option, the whole thing made more sensuous if you can afford to buy silk. If you want something a little less dark and with a touch of humour then there are plenty of appropriate designs such as skull sheets. Although many of these are aimed at kids there are some tasteful options for adults.

If your bed has a headboard and/or bedposts then these can be used to display appropriate accessories. How do you fancy waking up to a grinning skull staring at you from the end of the bed?


As well as the bed, most other furniture can be bought in gothic style. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Just a few extra twirls in the design of a cabinet can make it feel at home. A less expensive option is simply to use your existing furniture and cover it with a drape of appropriate colour and/or design.

Remember that even vampires need light! Wall lights, fittings and shades are also available in many styles that would suit the gothic theme. You’ll probably want to arrange for “light pools” in strategic areas where you need to be able to see well, for example when dressing.


I’ve already mentioned these in association with the bed, but they can be used all round the room. From large wall hangings to small items such as trinket boxes you can buy almost anything with a gothic theme. Avoid overdoing it though – you don’t want your bedroom to end up looking like a junk store! Less can be more.

Mirrors are a great addition to most rooms, even if your reflection doesn’t show! You can buy mirrors with wonderfully gothic surrounds, everything from bones to dragons. In addition, mirrors help to make a room feel larger and less cramped – this might be particularly important if you’ve gone heavy on the black.

Another classic gothic accessory is the candlestick. Be extremely careful if you decide to use real candles. To avoid the risk of fire you might prefer to use artificial candles that simulate flickering flames without the risk of fire.

Kids’ toys might sound strange for an adult bedroom, but they can work really well. Toys have a great emotional impact, especially when found in an incongruous setting like a gothic bedroom. That’s especially true if the toys themselves are somehow “wrong” – a warped doll or an evil clown perhaps.

A big advantage of accessories such as these is that they are easy to change. So if you do have a large number of items and can’t decide which you like best then you can swap them around every so often rather than cluttering the room up by trying to display them all at once.

However you decide to decorate your room, remember: even goths are allowed to have fun!

Twin Day Ideas

Twin Day isn’t a holiday or an official celebration. Rather it’s a special day held by many schools and other institutions whenever they feel like it. The details vary, so exactly what is twin day?

In some places twin day is taken literally – it is for pairs of twins, either identical or fraternal. In other places and at other times the idea is more flexible: children pair up with their best friend or someone who shares their interests and become “twins for a day”. Either way each member of each pair does something special for the day to mark them out as twins.

Whatever you decide to do for twin day, make sure that it’s within the rules!

Avoiding Problems

If you’re planning a twin day, be very careful to make sure that noone’s left out and that there are no arguments over who gets to be a popular child’s twin. You don’t anyone to feel ostracised or betrayed. One possibility is to extend the word “twin” to mean “two or more” for the day, so a group of three or four can get together if necessary. It might even be fun to try and get the whole class as one big “twin” set (“vigintiquinquelets”?).

The best way of avoiding trouble and tears is probably to put all the names into a hat and draw pairs out at random.


Looking the same is the classic idea for twin day. At it’s simplest this can simply mean dressing alike – if not identical clothes then similar styles and/or colours. You can take this further (if the school or office allows it) by wearing similar fancy dress costumes , either buy a pair of inexpensive costumes or make your own. Maybe dig out the stuff from last Halloween!


Accessories such as hats and scarves can also be coordinated. Something simple yet effective is for both twins to wear an identical or similarly themed bandana.

It might be fun to buy some pairs of inexpensive costume jewellery – the bigger and gaudier the better! Or how about a matching pair of temporary tattoos?

There’s also makeup, perhaps something outrageous and colourful for the girls. And the same for the boys!

And don’t forget hair. Matching novelty wigs can be great fun. There are also false beards and moustaches – especially funny on girls!


Identical twins often find people get confused and mix them up. Why not do this deliberately? Even – perhaps especially! – if you’re not really twins! Decide that for the day you will answer to you “twin”‘s name not your own. Obviously there are exceptions, such as when a teacher or other responsible adult who isn’t in on the game is speaking to you.


Moods of speech can really make people seem like twins. Know what I mean dude? That’s scrumptiously awesome! Maybe you could use the catchphrases of a favourite cartoon character – what’s up, Doc?


We normally think of twins as being the same, but for more sophisticated children opposites can also work well. The idea of an “evil twin” is an established trope. If your children are like the ones I know they’ll probably both want to be the “evil” one, so they might have to take turns.

Other options include characters who always come in pairs, such as Batman and The Joker or Tom and Jerry.

Whatever you decide to do for twin day, stay safe and remember: it’s meant to be fun!